in namibia oil production

oil exploration in namibia - the namibian

Oil exploration in Namibia - The Namibian

Large oil companies such as Shell, BP and Repsol have all bought exploration licenses in Namibia, and with that, a major rebound in deep-water drilling has been seen. NAMIBIA AND BRAZIL

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namibia - sunflower oil - production (tons) - 2016

Namibia - Sunflower oil - Production (Tons) - 2016

Ranking of the country (Namibia) at the global level is (from the highest to the lowest data) : 76 / 80 See the entire classification Namibia : 53 records since 1961 , the average of these recordings : 1,745 Tons The highest data : 1988 is the highest year for the indicator : Sunflower oil - Production (Tons). The result is: 3,382 Tons.

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namibia - crude oil : production (1000 barrels / day) - 2016

Namibia - Crude oil : Production (1000 Barrels / day) - 2016

Namibia : 25 records since 1990 , the average of these recordings : 0 1000 Barrels / day The highest data : 2014 is the highest year for the indicator : Crude oil : Production (1000 Barrels / day). The result is: 0 1000 Barrels / day. The lowest data : 2014 is the lowest year for the indicator : Crude oil : Production (1000 Barrels / day).

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ministry of mines and energy - petroleum upstream

Ministry of Mines and Energy - Petroleum Upstream

The role of the National Oil Company. The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia's (NAMCOR's) main tasks up to 1998 have been the acquisition of data and the promotion of Namibia's petroleum potential. It also assists the Ministry with the administration of the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act.

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namibia net imports of crude oil and petroleum products into

Namibia Net Imports of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products into

The Persian Gulf includes Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Net imports are calculated using zero for exports of distillate fuel oil with sulfur contents of 0-15 ppm and greater than 2000 ppm. Totals may not equal sum of components due to independent rounding.

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namibia - un environment

Namibia - UN Environment

world's production of uranium comes from just six, of which Namibia is one. In sub-Saharan Africa, Namibia, Niger and South Africa are among the ten-largest uranium resource-holders in the world (WEC, 2013). Namibia provides 8.2 per cent of global production and the government is interested in including nuclear power in its energy mix.

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namibia | offshore energy today

Namibia | Offshore Energy Today

Oil company Tullow Oil has started drilling the Cormorant-1 well located in PEL 37 offshore Namibia. September 4, 2018 read more → Ocean Rig's drillship set to drill for Tullow

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namibia: africa's next big oil frontier? | financial times

Namibia: Africa's next big oil frontier? | Financial Times

Namibia has until recently been largely overlooked by the oil majors. A spate of farm-in agreements over the last six months suggests that this is changing. International oil companies are keen to secure a stake in the southern African country's oil boom, should one materialise. Austria's OMV...

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namibia: oil exploration in namibia -

Namibia: Oil Exploration in Namibia -

Namibia: Oil Exploration in Namibia. The interest in offshore Namibian oil stems from the fact that Namibia and Brazil were once connected as one continent and that the geographical formations in Namibia's offshore basins are similar to those of Brazil, as well as the fact that Namibia borders a major oil producer in Angola,...

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list of countries by oil production

List of countries by oil production

Under this definition, total world oil production in 2019 averaged 80,622,000 barrels per day. Approximately 68% came from the top ten countries, and an overlapping 44% came from the fourteen current OPEC members, in the table below.

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offshore namibia: braced for big finds? - offshore technology

Offshore Namibia: braced for big finds? - Offshore Technology

Interest in Namibia's developing offshore oil and gas frontier is strengthening, with companies such as Tullow Oil, Total, and others making investments in recent years. Yet, despite high expectations for the geology, only small volumes of hydrocarbons have ever been produced.

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mining in namibia

Mining in Namibia

Namibia, was the sixth ranked producer of uranium, producing about 8% of the world's uranium in 2006. Due to the opening of the Langer Heinrich Uranium (LHU) mine in 2007, the country in 2009 had raised its share to nearly 10%, but when Uranium prices fell after the Fukushima incident production was reduced.

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united states crude oil production | 2019 | data | chart

United States Crude Oil Production | 2019 | Data | Chart

Crude Oil Production in the United States decreased to 12082 BBL/D/1K in June from 12108 BBL/D/1K in May of 2019. Crude Oil Production in the United States averaged 7463.44 BBL/D/1K from 1950 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 12162 BBL/D/1K in April of 2019 and a record low of 3971 BBL/D/1K in September of 2008.

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In September 2018, Tullow announced the results of the Cormorant-1 well offshore Namibia. The well encountered non-commercial hydrocarbons and has since been plugged and abandoned. Gas signatures, indicative of oil, were encountered in the overlying shale section, supporting the concept of a working oil system in the area.

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angola crude oil production | 2019 | data | chart | calendar

Angola Crude Oil Production | 2019 | Data | Chart | Calendar

Crude Oil Production in Angola increased to 1328 BBL/D/1K in August from 1259 BBL/D/1K in July of 2019. Crude Oil Production in Angola averaged 1289.98 BBL/D/1K from 1994 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 2030 BBL/D/1K in March of 2010 and a record low of 503 BBL/D/1K in March of 1994.

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major oil find off namibian coast - stock markets data

Major oil find off Namibian coast - Stock Markets Data

Windhoek - An estimated 11 billion barrels in oil reserves have been found off Namibia's coast, with the first production planned within four years, mines and energy minister Isak Katali announced Wednesday.

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energy demand and forecasting in namibia - gov

Energy Demand and forecasting in Namibia - Gov

among others. There is currently no oil in Namibia, though there are prospects of oil in the future, (Energy White Policy paper, 1998). Due to the geographical location and type of infrastructure of roads in Namibia, it makes the transport sector to be one with the highest energy demand, especially the petroleum

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marula oil value chain dec2012 final report - the eis

Marula Oil Value Chain Dec2012 Final report - the EIS

Marula oil value chain context: Processes, actors and challenges 10 ... value chain analysis focuses specifically on Marula kernel oil from Namibia. ... Marula oil, its production and its application are explored further throughout this report and a value chain which is currently operating in ...

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opec : angola

OPEC : Angola

Located on the Atlantic coast in the southern part of Africa, the Republic of Angola is the second largest oil producer in Africa. It has a population of around 29.3 million and is bordered by Zambia to the east, Namibia to the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the north.

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namibia oil & gas news monitoring service

Namibia Oil & Gas News Monitoring Service

Just over a month after announcing an acquisition deal for oil blocks in Kenya, Qatar Petroleum (QP) has entered into agreements with energy giant, Total, for a share of exploration and production rights in two blocks offshore the Republic of Namibia. …

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270118 31176a namibia oil and gas guide - deloitte us

270118 31176A Namibia Oil and Gas Guide - Deloitte US

Oil and gas taxation in Namibia Deloitte taxation and ... production (which is the year in which petroleum is first sold). Prior to the first year of production such costs are accumulated and carried forward until the first year of production. The rest of the cost is deductible in each of the

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cog - centre for oil and gas | namibia energy institute

COG - Centre for Oil and Gas | Namibia Energy Institute

The Centre for Oil and Gas (COG) will aim to promote and assist the development of a robust internationally competitive Namibian petroleum and gas products industry that operates efficiently, economically and safely in harmony with the environment and community standards.

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find industry and manufacturing expertise in namibia

Find Industry and Manufacturing expertise in Namibia

Diamond production also makes a large contribution to the Namibian economy, with approximately 1.6million carats produced per year. While traditional land based mining of diamonds still takes place in Namibia this has been largely surpassed by marine diamond recovery, which now accounts for over 60% of Namibia's total diamond production.

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ministry of mines and energy - petroleum affairs

Ministry of Mines and Energy - Petroleum Affairs

The Ministry of Mines and Energy is renowned as performance driven. By promoting, facilitating and regulating development and sustainable utilization of Namibia's mineral, geological and energy resource through competent staff, innovation, research and stakeholder collaboration in a conducive environment for the benefits of all Namibians and the world.

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angola - oil and gas |

Angola - Oil and Gas |

The oil industry in Angola is dominated by the upstream sector - exploration and production of offshore crude oil and natural gas. Almost 75 percent of the oil production comes from off-shore fields. Angola produces light sweet crude oil containing low volumes of sulphur, suited for processing light refined petroleum products.

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the namibian oil rush - daily reckoning

The Namibian Oil Rush - Daily Reckoning

The Namibian Oil Rush. While BP has been busy spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico, many other oil companies have been busy finding oil under the waters of other gulfs, seas and oceans.

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namibia oil - production - energy - indexmundi

Namibia Oil - production - Energy - IndexMundi

Oil - production: 0 bbl/day (2016 est.) Definition: This entry is the total oil produced in barrels per day (bbl/day). The discrepancy between the amount of oil produced and/or imported and the amount consumed and/or exported is due to the omission of stock changes, refinery gains, and other complicating factors.

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oil and gas taxation in namibia - deloitte us

Oil and gas taxation in Namibia - Deloitte US

Oil and gas taxation in amibia 3 2.0 General Namibia has several layers of taxation on upstream oil and gas activities. The most important taxes which apply to companies extracting oil and gas from Namibia and the Namibian Continental Shelf are: • Corporation Tax ("PIT") 35%

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total in namibia

Total in Namibia

We are involved in the retail sale and storage of petroleum products in Namibia. Since 2017, we have also been active in oil and gas exploration. In addition, we lead community outreach initiatives in the country, with a focus on the environment and education.

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angolan oil blends upstream -

Angolan Oil Blends Upstream -

For being light and appropriate for production of gasoline, crude extracted from fields Nemba and Palanca is of preference for the USA. The crude from well Kuito is dense and therefore most of it is sold to middle east countries where there's a great demand for this type of oil.

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