Make Customer Care a One-Click Process

Today 81% of customers prefer to resolve their queries through self service. Stay ahead of the rising trend and allow your customers the freedom to sort out issues with their choice of communication.

A super customizable customer service platform Aspect® CXP that enables customers to bypass the live agent in favour of self resolving their issues

  • Design once, deploy anywhere architecture
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Create Mobile Web Applications
  • Integrated Actionable Analytics
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    People love to help themselves.
    Learn how you can make it easy for your customers to get self-service the way they want it – even when switching channels or switching between self-service and agent assistance.

    Easier to try.

    Easier to buy.

    Easier to use.

    Benefits for the organization

    Reduce costs

    Less manual processes

    Reduce avoidable contact

    Forecast future service demand

    Increased revenue collection

    Benefits for the customers

    Access services outside of office hours

    Access services on the move

    Removes need to contact organisation

    Faster to complete transactions

    Easier to find information

    The self-service economy is here and the only way for brands to achieve success is to ensure that every technology investment or process change supports these new consumer expectations:

    Know me.

    Carry the context and data from every interaction seamlessly to the next interaction even if the customer switches channels or switches from self-service to live assistance.

    Make it mobile.

    A complete mobile customer experience must leverage all channels available on a mobile device. In fact, the vast majority (70 percent) of consumers would rather text than talk.

    Let me do it.

    The reality is that customer satisfaction is higher in a DIY model largely because we are much more forgiving of ourselves when it comes to service. According to IBM Retail Research, 72% of customers prefer self-service over picking up the phone and 91% would use self-service if it was available.

    Make it social.

    Consumers use social media to crowdsource for help, speak to a company representative, and publically vent. Brands and consumers are drawn to social media for its inherent simplicity as a communication channel.

    Fit it into my life.

    Consumers don’t feel they should be constrained by business hours of operation anymore. They are on the go and conducting their business at every hour of the day. As a result, brands should enable their customers to contact them at any hour of the day and on any medium they prefer.

    Save me time.

    Advances in mobile technology has lessened consumers’ patience for waiting. No one is willing to tolerate a three day wait for an email reply or a hold time longer than a minute. They also have little patience for having to go through a contact center for simple queries that they could have solved themselves.

    Make me smarter.

    Consumers expect that they’ll be informed ahead of time if there is going to be a known change in service. Brands can proactively communicate with customers to inform them of order status messages, appointment and prescription reminders, service outage notifications, and other messages depending on business needs.

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